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Major and Gullu two friends who are obsessed with horror since childhood want to make their careers on something related to it but whatever business they have started always failed.During one Halloween party they come across an unknown beautiful women and cant get over her she traces them to their house and discloses that she is a ghost and they can interact with her normally as they have been god gifted with some powers.The women tells that together they can start a business where they can free spirits who are waiting for salvation but both decline the plan,next day when both their fathers come to visit them Major and Gullu are told that further they wont be supported by them and till date they have to reimburse them the amount of 5 Crore spent on them.Major and Gullu decide to steal the idea of the women and start a Phone Bhoot where people can connect with them to free spirits but they become a joke on the internet until one day they receive a call from Panchgani to free a spirit.Upon reaching the place they find that spirit is over powering them until the unknown lady comes to their aid she tells them she is Ragini and the assignment was given to them by her after they stole her idea.The trio then decide to work together to free spirits who need salvation but an evil Tantrik Aatmaram comes on their way who captures spirits by promising them salvation but uses them for bad causes.

Released: 2022
Genre: Comedy / Horror
Language: Hindi
Viewed: 290 times

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