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In need of a full-time caretaker to look after her house, an elegant and enigmatic madame hires a lonely young woman; however, this is not an ordinary place. Indeed, this silent residence is the oldest building in the city, riddled with unpleasant stories of forbidden occult practices, and terrible rumours of morbid hauntings. With such a reputation, most people would turn down the madame's lucrative offer; nevertheless, this lovely caretaker is up to the task, even though, right from the start, peculiar occurrences and blood-curdling sounds that permeate the empty mansion's long corridors foretell an ominous fate. Under those circumstances, why is that room at the end of the hallway off-limits? Can the tormented keeper rid herself of the ever-growing voices inside her head?

Released: 2015
Genre: Horror / Thriller
Language: English
Viewed: 1,315 times

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