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Blindfolds - an old Russian game: leading, blindfolded, catches the rest of the players. Nizhny Novgorod. Two small bandits Serega and Simon worked for a big criminal Sergei Mikhailovich. But this time they failed the mission: he ordered to bring a chemist who claimed that he made a new portion of white powder, and Serega and Simon staged a real carnage in the laboratory, leaving there dead bodies - a chemist and a couple of his guards. Sergei Mikhailovich was very angry, but limited himself to oral suggestion, after which he gave the guys another assignment: to go to the law firm and exchange a suitcase with money for a suitcase with heroin. But even here Serega and Simon were unlucky: the exchange took place, only at the exit from the office they were met by Koron, Bala and Eggplant - three bandits hired by the senior police lieutenant Stepan, a "werewolf in uniform", dreaming to throw Sergei Mikhailovich on big dough.

Released: 2005
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Language: Russian
Viewed: 133 times

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